Why Autonomous Pelvic Care?

Autonomous Pelvic Care uplifts home- and community-based provision of pelvic and reproductive health care, offering sliding-scale services and workshops.

Center yourself as your own provider of care, believing in your autonomy: the right to make your own informed healthcare decisions, and your ability to take an active role in your own healthcare. No matter who you are, where you come from, and how you identify, everyone has a pelvis: the structural basis for your body and the seat of your security and safety. 

We invest in advocacy, skill-sharing, mutual aid, and a worldview of abundance. We refuse to be the gatekeepers of knowledge, instead choosing to gather as many as we can to spread the word: you’re your own best caretaker, and your home and community is your clinic. Contact us to schedule an appointment or join us for a training workshop!

Core Beliefs

  • We generate healthcare alternatives to our current system, embodying autonomy in the face of disempowerment and ongoing violence to the bodies of those who need pelvic and reproductive care.

  • We recognize that each individual knows best how to treat their body and make decisions based on their own situation and resources.

  • We seek to normalize the practice of caring for our own bodies, incorporating traditional or ancestral herbal practices and healing into modern environments and medical contexts.